Changing Places: Unpaid Work in Public Spaces

(2017-2022) Changing Places: Unpaid Work in Public Spaces

Unpaid care work in residential homes is poorly understood. It is often assumed that moving to residential care relieves residents and families from the intense care work that occurs in many households. Meaningful involvement in certain tasks can promote residents’ independence and families often want to provide some support, but changing conditions in residential care may prevent residents from doing self-care and pressure families to do more care work than they are prepared for.

This project looks at the changes in self-care and family care work when moving from home to residential care, and seeks to identify conditions that support unpaid work that is rewarding and meaningful for families and residents.

Principal Investigator: Pat Armstrong
Co-applicants: Hugh Armstrong, Susan Braedley, Jacqueline Choiniere, Tamara Daly, Ruth Lowndes
Collaborators: Albert Banerjee, James Struthers, Petra Ulmanen, Frode F. Jacobsen, Marta Szebehely

For more information on this project, view brochure here.