Learning from the pandemic? Planning for a long-term care labour force

(2022-2024) Learning from the pandemic? Planning for a long-term care labour force

The project’s main objective is to identify the major components of a labour force strategy that will ensure a healthy and competent long-term care (LTC) labour force for the future.

The strategy must address conditions of work because they are conditions of care, going beyond wages, benefits, access to full-time employment, ongoing training and career opportunities, to include strategies addressing such issues as racism, harassment, autonomy and time to care, recognizing care is a relationship. It means accounting for the specific clinical and social skills required in LTC, as well as for the changing needs and diversity of residents. It also means considering the specific context while also recognizing that there are global forces shaping the demands for and the preparation of the LTC labour force.

Comparing jurisdictions within Canada, between Canada and two Nordic countries, in addition to comparing those countries with each other allows us to capture these global forces while acknowledging their specific contexts.

Principal InvestigatorPat Armstrong
Co-applicantsHugh Armstrong, Susan Braedley, Jacqueline Choiniere, Martha MacDonald,
Collaborators: Gudmund Ã…gotnes, Frode Jacobsen, James Struthers, Marta Szebehely

Partners: City of Toronto Seniors Services and Long-term Care, AdvantAge Ontario, Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, UNIFOR