Financing & Ownership

Who pays for care has a profound impact on who gets what kind of care, and who owns the facility influences how work and care are organized. By exploring the different patterns and consequences of financing and ownership, we intend to identify those that meet our goals of dignity and respect for both care providers and residents. We are also seeking the most efficient ways of using public money for care.

What innovative financing and ownership models are promising in terms of ensuring equitable access to quality long-term residential care while reducing the offloading of both material and other costs onto workers, employers, families or individuals?

Dr. Donna Baines
Dr. Martha MacDonald

Dr. Charlene Harrington
Dr. Joel Lexchin
Dr. Kathryn McPherson
Professor Allyson Pollock
Dr. Marta Szebehely

Student Members

Kate Laxer
Justin Panos